We help you build an

A SaaS service providing integrated system for the needs of
digital media.

User Management

  • Authorization
  • Membership

Content Management

  • Editorial flow
  • Content management

Multi-channel Integration

  • RSS
  • Content exchange


  • Tags
  • Content recommendation


  • Advertisement
  • Research & analysis

Adopted by renowned medias

  • 10Years+

    Content-based product developing experience

  • 18M+

    Active users across websites

  • 50M+

    Achievement in page views

  • *

    The most localized content management platform in Taiwan, fulfilling the needs of all digital media.

    From basic editing tools to featured function, from editorial flow, to content scheduling, all are possible.

  • API based data format providing one point distribution to all websites and social media channels.

    Choose whichever destination you desire, Google News, Line, or any third-party platform, your content can be distributed through API or RSS with ease.


Inkmagine optimize the site architecture and continuously follow Google's SEO guidelines.

  • 4.7%+


  • 90%+

    Good user experience

  • 98%+

    Good URLs delivered

  • Single sign-on system provides cross-channel user identification.

    Our implementation with renowned third-party, such as Line, 91App, LiTV, etc.

  • Tailor-made advertising and precise-targeting is not hard at all if you knock on the right door.

    We provide customized materials, professional guidance, and precise-targeting, all ready to help you boost your media and grow revenue.


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