More features, less cost. Inkmagine provides more than you could imagine.

Stable, customizable, and easy to implement, the go-to content management system.You name it, Inkmagine got it.

All the custom necessities, from corporate identity system, website UI/UX design, to customized function and features, Inkmagine got you covered.

With more than ten years of experience in digital media building, we help you fulfill your needs, and create the digital media the way you desire.

The go-to content management system for all of your needs.

What you see is what you get

By matching both content management system and website UI, your draft is more vividly connected with your actual published content than ever.

Custom fields

We provide custom fields accordingly to your needs.

Featured tools

Post/video embed, html, image library, ect., bring your content comes to live.

Fundamental tools

List, quote, indent, alignment. All the editing tools you need.

Transfer your data, team-up with third party for more exposure, or pack it with you, all is achievable with API-based Inkmagine.

Wether you prefer implement with in-house engineers or by Inkmagine, our standard API for data transfer is easier than you have imagined.
Sending your content to Google News, Line, or RSS to generate more page view is a piece of cake through Inkmagine API.

We are the SEO architect, enduring the Google quake without a sweat.

We optimize the site architecture and continuously follow Google guidelines.
From gaining more traffic from AMP format to handling SEO-related issues, such as, CLS, FCP, LCP, we have been very experienced and ready to offer solution.

From zero to a total of 2.2M exposure, it only took three months

Our latest implementation helps client grow from no traffic to gain over 4K impression and over 150 clicks within a month.

90%+ URLs with good user experience

According to Google PageSpeed Insight, URLs using Inkmagine is providing 90%+ good user experience on both desktop and mobile devices.

98%+ good URLs delivered

According to Google Search Console, media using Inkmagine is delivering 98%+ good URLs.

Let Inkmagine helps you ride on the waves, keeping your media alive and competitive through high traffic.

Inkmagine came from medias with experiences on high traffics like presidential election, pandemic, and all trending topcs.
Through auto-scaling, we provide stability on the server, and help you descrease your cost.

Single sign-on for cross-channel user mapping to authorization control, all is easy peasy.

Our SSO system—Member, is adopting standard Oauth2, hence compatible for most of the products on the market.
Some renowned adoption third parties including, Line, 91App, LiTV, etc.
Applicable scenario including, campaign site, media membership, and cross channel/device user mapping.

Tailor-made advertisement is easy task if you look for the right person.

Inkmagine provides one-stop experience for you, including customized ad materials, precise advertising, advertisement optimization, all are our strength.
Making media traffic into actual revenue is no longer a dream.
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