With more than ten years developing experience in digital media, Inkmagine helps yours' thrive too.

Save your developing energy to the most valuable projects, and leave the rest to Inkmagine.

  • What does Inkmagine stands for?

    Ink + imagine = Inkmagine,the pronunciation goes /iˈmajən/. We hope through Inkmagine, creators can focus on the quality of their content. And just like the old times, letting your imagination speak up through ink. The rest? Inkmagine got you covered.

  • Every technical issue you are facing, Inkmagine faced it all.

    In order solve internal problems, such as, multiple medias using different content editing tools, spending too much time repeat-implementing same function to different medias, Inkmagine was born. It is a SaaS service providing an integrated system for the needs of digital media.

We understand it is hard to build a digital media, but Inkmagine is here to help.

From user management, content management, customization, to content recommendation, advertisement, Inkmagine provide all the tools you need to success.

  • User Management

  • Content Management

  • Customization

  • Multi-channel Integration

  • Content Recommendation

  • Advertisement